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WellsKept Farm is dedicated to natural, sustainable farming practices and living with the Earth, not against her. We are a small micro-farm located in the beautiful Oak Openings Region of northwest Ohio. There are scattered gardens and raised beds throughout our 1 acre homestead, as well as fruit trees, berries, and a few maple trees for tapping. We have a little bit of everything here. In 2015 we added a small apiary to aid in pollination and provide some amazing honey, but most importantly- to help save the honey bee!!

We catch rainwater for irrigation and use solar power for pumping water and the coop’s electrical needs. All gardening here is done by hand and willpower. It is always a learning experience and right up there with the most therapeutic activity one can do. Failures in gardening are just educational classes for future successes. Take it all in.

Our chickens enjoy a large coop and very expansive caged in area ( it has to be caged, or we’d just be feeding the hawks around here.) They get plenty of greens, grains, and love. The ducks free range and rule the yard/pond. They are good at surviving attempts by eagles and hawks to have them for lunch. Our farm is living proof that you don’t need a large plot of land to sustain your family or have a farm. Vertical growing of plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and pole beans allows us to yield more produce in a small amount of space (and saves the health of our backs.)

Anyone can do it, and we encourage everyone to get some dirt under their fingernails and try gardening.  Even if you’re stuck in the city, in an apartment. You can grow in containers on your windowsills, or under a light if you don’t have windows (although, we really hope you have windows.)

Get Outside ! ! !

Sara & Steve Wells


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