Bee The Change

duck-eggs-n-syrup   Fresh maple syrup and…Lucy(our Cayuga duck) is laying eggs!

March already? Wow…time she ain’t a slowin’ down, is she? Glad I got the maples tapped so early this year because sugarin’ season is already over. Usually it’s in full swing right now. Maples have budded. Hard to believe, but then again- not too many things shock me nowadays. The world is a strange place.

There are many earth-killing policies being made, and ones meant to protect the earth are being slashed and burned. It’s hard not to be affected by it all. Rather than sit around and be mad about it, I’ve decided to just work harder at being the greenest man I can be. I can’t change what other people do, but I can change what I do. I’ve been building solar panels, a small wind turbine, and new raised beds. Many plants are sprouting in the hoop house, the windowsills, and even the raised beds out back. Feels so good to have dirt under my fingernails again.

I have new bees coming in April and hopefully May as well. I miss having them around. Looking forward to their return.

Well that’s enough staring at the computer screen for now.

Get dirty. Stay humble.