Like A Kid Beefore Christmas

DSCF6047      These boxes may be empty now…but they won’t be tomorrow.

That’s right. The long wait is over. Oh so happy! The bees will return to the farm tomorrow. I don’t like being a beekeeper with no bees. It just don’t make no dang sense.

I will be installing 2 packages in these hives tomorrow and we have 3 more packages on order for pickup in May. Maybe more if the farm budget allows, or I luck into someone selling nucs(established colonies) this year.

The farm is ever-changing. It’s really strange not hearing, seeing, and interacting with the ducks. There will be more soon enough. Can’t blame a mink for being a mink.

Dandelions and other flowers are starting to pop. Just in time for the arrival of my buzzing ladies.

DSCF6030Lettuce, carrots, onions, and friends doing the spring happy dance in the greenhouse.

Well…there’s still a couple hours of daylight left. Better go do some chores and take in another sunset. Hope I sleep tonight.