2017 Season Review


Farming is quite a roller coaster ride. Things change fast around here and you never know what my response may be if you ask me, “how’s it going on the farm?”

Our honey bee population has dwindled to one colony. The colony we do have appears to be strong and doing well. I am very thankful for this. Most of the other colonies were lost to…you guessed it- colony collapse disorder. A direct result of pesticides used by farmers. This is becoming a pattern that I do not care for. Next step is to have colonies at other locations and as many as possible. If these chemicals are killing the bees and other plants and insects, what do you think they’re doing to us?! If you or I were slowly poisoning someone, we would go to prison for a long time. Yet, big-farming chemical companies do this to us for profit all the time. Free from worry of prosecution and protected by law. I could go on and on about unjust laws and ways of this so-called civilization, but ya’ll know I don’t care much for typing or staring at a screen.DSCF6441          Workers so happy to be out of the hive on a warm winter day!

“What can I do about it?” you ask? It seems like a losing battle but it doesn’t have to be. Each and every person DOES make a difference. You can choose to not purchase gmo products. You can purchase from local growers. You can grow food yourself if you have the ambition. It does make a difference. Your body will thank you as well. Learn what is in your food. I dare you to type in the names of some of those ingredients you see on product labels that you have no idea how to pronounce. You will find that some of those long, crazy words actually mean things like “human hair” and “feathers” among many other non-food ingredients. Don’t believe me? Google them yourself sometime.

We lost a couple ducks in December, but I couldn’t stand to see our lonely boy so sad. So, I found him a girlfriend on craigslist. Her name is “Cheese.” It didn’t take Dotty long to call Cheese his girlfriend. Like….seconds we’re talking here. Instant love connection. Kinda like the first time I had bacon. We picked up four new chickens also. 2 more Barred Rocks and 2 Rhode Island Reds. Their introduction to our flock didn’t go so smooth. However, after I sent the main aggressor(one of our old hens) to chicken heaven, the rest of them mellowed out and worked out the new pecking order. Great to be getting eggs again. We actually had to buy eggs a couple times this fall. Glad that’s over.DSCF6436

Looking forward to tapping the maple trees soon. Planning to start some plants indoors this week also. I miss fresh vegetables!!!

Finally, I apologize for being out of touch with most people. Just the way it goes sometimes. To all the people I forgot to call, or didn’t see over the holidays-much love always! You know I’m terrible about getting back to people.

Until next time…be excellent to each other and the earth!

Time for a mass awakening.