Spring In Full Swing…Mosquitoes & Bee Stings

Mosquito season is officially upon us. Most of the planting is done, and the rest should be finished up in a few days. As usual, I don’t trust the “weathermen” and have been watering every day. I cannot stress enough the importance of mulching around plants. Mulch keeps the moisture in and the weeds out. It’s a win-win. Having said that, some “weeds”(like- purslane, wood sorrel, lamb’s quarter, dandelion, etc.) are edible and highly nutritious, and I let a few of them grow. Others become chicken food.


Several different types of bees are buzzing around here. I have lost count of how many times I have been stung. They don’t bother me much, they’re just annoying like mosquito and fly bites. I don’t want to cut the grass because of all the clover flowers. Think I’ll let it go a few more days. Cutting grass is silly anyway, right? Use it for mulch.


The Navajo Blackberries(flowers pictured above) are so happy, ever since I built them a caged trellis and mulched them in good. Beautiful.

Well…enough of this computer stuff, I have to go add to my mosquito bite collection.


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