Sweet Potatoes & Snow !?!??

R: 136 G: 255 B: 174 X:46648 Y: 0 S: 0 Z: 19 F: 306


Remember this little “science experiment” in grade school? What a great way to get sweet potatoes started for the garden. Just one organic sweet potato (even a small “ugly” one like I used) can produce dozens of plant starts. Other supplies needed include: a jar, 4 toothpicks, water, and a sunny windowsill.  Put toothpicks in the middle, so the sweet potato sits halfway in the jar and fill the jar with water. Put in a warm windowsill. After a week or two, roots will start to form.

R: 134 G: 255 B: 174 X:42164 Y: 0 S: 0 Z: 19 F: 316
3 1/2 WEEKS
Utilizing the fish tank heater to keep warm by placing the jar next to the fish tank.
Utilizing the fish tank heater to keep the sweet potato water warm by placing the jar in direct contact with the tank.

Add water as needed, so the roots stay submerged. Remove sprouts when they are 6″ or taller and put them in a separate jar of water. After the sprouts form roots, you can plant them directly in the ground, or put them in pots and continue growing in a windowsill before planting outside. I have had more luck rooting them in soil before transplanting. I wait until late May/ early June here in NW Ohio before I plant them in mounds outside. They like warmer weather. Enjoy your harvest in the fall…right around the time of the first frost.



Speaking of warmer weather…

R: 134 G: 255 B: 189 X:42164 Y:48972 S: 0 Z: 20 F: 272GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Yes, it has been snowing here today. Today’s weather has also included high winds, sunshine, pea-sized hail, rain, freezing rain, and…a chorus of frogs!



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