The Turkeys Are Fired Up And So Am I

Yesterday At The Farm
Yesterday At The Farm

We are finally getting the February I was waiting for. Ha. Ha. We’ve had more snow the last couple days and there’s even some falling this morning. This IS NW Ohio. It snows in April sometimes. That’s why we wait until mid-May to do most of our planting! I am tired of hearing complaints about the weather. I’m pretty sure Florida still welcomes new residents if it bothers you that much. It will be “mosquito season” here soon enough. I was swatting them in early March and I removed a tick from our cat’s face a few weeks ago. That’s a little too early for me.

I love the snow…and so does Olive ! ! !

Love this girl right here.


Gobble ! Gobble ! Gobble ! Gobble !

Those are the infectious sounds that echo throughout the Oak Openings region this time of year. I was lucky enough to attend a “turkey concert” this morning. I hope to get a front row seat next week when spring turkey season starts. We love organic, free-range, locally grown, self-harvested wild meat…fry it up!





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